Renée Friderich

16/11/1911 - 24/2/1932

Record updated 09-Sep-21

Renée Friderich was daughter of Bugatti driver Ernest. She was killed during the Paris-St.-Raphaël Rally at the wheel of a Delage D8S. Her brother, Paul competed in Grands Prix in 1946 and 1947.

Renée Friderich
Renée Friderich was born in Lunéville, France. She was the daughter of Bugatti dealer and friend of Ettore, Ernest Friderich. Her father raced Bugatti as did her brother Paul who entered a number of Grands Prix in 1946 and 1947.

She raced BUgatti with some success especially in ladies events. AT the GP de Brignoles in 1931 she shared René Dreyfus' 2.3 litre Bugatti. He drove in the Grand Prix, taking the win and she for the GP. She then drove the same car in the ladies cup, also taking a win.

She had aslo competed in the Monte Carlo Rally but was killed during the Rally Féminin Paris-St.-Raphaël in 1932 at the wheel of a Delage D8S. She chose to drive the car as a favour to her friend Louis Delâge. More used to her light and agile Bugatti T35, she lost control of the 1700Kg roadster bodied Delage on ice on one of the special speed trials in the village of Pougues-Les-Eaux and crashed into a tree. She was killed by the impact though her mechanic, Robert Bourgeois, was uninjured. Her father tragically witnessed the crash.