Carl Jörns

11/12/1875 - 19/7/1969

Record updated 11-Dec-18

Carl Jörns started racing bicycles, winning the European Championships in 1896. He races for Opel from 1903 until 1926 winning 288 races.

Carl Jörns
Carl Jörns started racing bicycles. He won the European Championships in 1896 riding a bike made by Opel and, when he switched to racing cars, it was to Opel that he turned in 1903.

He became an Opel work's driver and raced their single seaters and sports cars in local and national events between 1903 and 1926. In 1905 Opel achieved over 100 wins with their drivers Jörns, Christian Michel and Fritz Opel.

He was awarded the 'Kaiserpreis' in 1907. This was presented in person by Kaiser Wilhelms.

Opel's first Grand Prix was the French Grand Prix of 1908. They entered three 12-litre cars with Jörns finishing sixth.

Carl “Carlo” Jörns won 288 races and hillclimbs during his racing career.

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