Juan Gálvez

14/2/1916 - 3/3/1963

Record updated 03-Mar-23

Juan Gálvez was an Argentine racing driver who was killed when his car hit a bump in the road and without a seatbelt, he bounce up, hit his head on the roof and fractured a cervical vertebra, killing him.

Juan Gálvez
Juan Gálvez was born the 14 of February of 1916 in Federal Capital. Juan Gálvez shared his passion of cars and racing with his brother Oscar. Their farther was a mechanic and he taught them how to look after their own cars, how to make and modify parts, improving the performance.  

They started racing together but soon started racing in selerate vehicles. He made his debut on the 14th of December 1941 in the Thousand Miles of Avellaneda Automobile Club, finishing second to Juan Manuel Fangio.  

His first victory of many came on the 22 of February of 1949 in the I Vuelta de Santa Fe. A quiet man who built his own cars, 'Juancito' was, along with his older brother, a mechanic, tuner and driver. The Gálvez were synonymous with Argentine motorsport in the 50's and 60's. His Blue Ford car took the number 1 spot on many occasions and was unusually right hand drive, that way everyone knew that Juan Gálvez was driving.  

He won nine Championships in 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1960. He won his last race, the IV Vuelta de Laboulaye, in 1962 with his Ford, travelling at times in excess of 185 kmh.  

On the 3 of March of 1963, in Olavarría, after 47 years without an accident, he was driving without the lap strap of his seatbelt done up. The car hit a bump in the road and he bounced up striking his head on the roof causing a fracture of a cervical vertebra, killing him. His co-driver Raúl Cottet survived the crash.  

In June of that same year a memorial race was held to honour Gálvez and two drivers were tragically killed in that event: Joaquim Daponte and Joachim Gonzales.  

In his 13 years of racing he competed in 153 races, winning 59 times.