Helmut Glockler

13/1/1901 - 18/12/1993

Record updated 10-Mar-08

Helm Glöckler won the 1952 German sports car championship and became a woks Porsche driver the following year. Qualified for the German Grand Prix in 1953 but blew his engine in practice and didn't get to race..

Helmut Glockler
Helm Glöckler was a German amateur racer. His brother, Walter Glöckler, was famous for creating a small Porsche Spyder in 1951 that later inspired the factory to the Porsche 550.

In 1949 he won the German 1500 sports car championship in a Veritas.

Helm raced a Deutsch-Bonnet in Formula 3 in 1950 and 1951, and won his class and set a new class record in the spring of 1952 driving his brother's Glockler-Porsche in the Eifelrennen at the Nurburgring (running without the hardtop) on his way to winning the 1952 German championship.

Helm became Porsche works driver in 1953 and at that year's Eifelrennen, marked by heavy rain, Helm gave the brand-new prototype factory Porsche 550 it's debut victory despite being troubled by a failing carburetor. In the sports car support race for the 1953 German Grand Prix, he retired on the forth lap. He was entered for the Grand Prix proper in a Formula 2 Equipe Anglaise Cooper T23, but he blew the engine in qualifying and thus didn't get to race.

He competed at Le Mans in 1953 driving a Porsche 550 Coupé with Hans Herrmann to 16th place and in 1954 driving with Richard von Frankenberg they retired. He went on to win the German Sports Car Championship in 1954 for a second time. In the 1955 race he drove with Jaroslav Juhan driving a Porsche 550/4 RS 1500 Spyder, finishing 6th overall and 3rd in class. His last appearance at the Sarthe in 1956, ended with an accident while sharing a works Porsche 356 Carrera 1500 with Max Nathan.