Pablo Birger

6/1/1924 - 9/3/1966

Record updated 06-Jan-07

Pablo Birger raced in the Mecánica Nacional series in Argentina. He did a deal with Amedee Gordini to race in the 1953 and 1955 Argentine Grand Prix.

Pablo Birger
Pablo Birger was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. he raced a modifed 34 Ford in Mecánica Nacional. In 1953 he did a deal with Amedee Gordini to rent a Simco-Gordini Type 15 for the Argentine Grand Prix, retiring after 21 laps. Two years later he did a similar deal for the 1955 Argentine Grand Prix with a Type 16 and qualified well but then spun on the first lap and was hit by the Maserati of Carlos Menditeguy. He was not seen again in the World Championship.

He died in a road accident in Buenos Aires, aged just 42.