Jacques Robert Weber

9/1/1940 - 9/4/1967

Record updated 15-May-07

Jacques Robert Weber
Robt Weber was a very promising F3 Driver who raced for Alpine in 1966 and 1967.

1966 season saw Roby Weber finish runner-up in the French F3 series after a season long battle with Johnny Servoz-Gavin's Matra.

The following year Weber had started the F3 season well but left Alpine to join Matra. He won a race in the Matra MS5 F3 car but was then killed at the Le Mans trials in April. He had tested an old MS620 fitted with a 4.7 litre Ford GT40 engine but then switched to the new MS630. Under the eyes of his fiancée Murielle, Roby went off the road at Hunaudières and died.