Sam Tingle

24/8/1921 - 19/12/2008

Record updated 09-Jan-09

Sam Tingle was a Formula One driver from Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. He participated in 5 grands prix. He was one of only two drivers to enter a Formula One race from the former republic of Rhodesia, the other being John Love.

Sam Tingle
A great enthusiast, Sam began racing in his homeland in 1947, at the wheel of an old Bentley. This was replaced with a succession of cars, mainly MGs, before he acquired the ex-Claes, ex-Gibson Connaught which brought him the Rhodesian championship.

Sam contested the South African championship with great verve throughout the 1960s in one of Doug Serrurier's Cooper-based LDS-Alfas, scoring his first big win in the 1966 Border Trophy at East London, although he took many other good placings.

Tingle drove an LDS-Alfa Romeo in the 1963, 65 and 67 South African Grands Prix before switching to a Repco-engined LDS for 1968 and a pukka Formula 1 Brabham-Repco BT24 entered by Team Gunston for the 1969 race when he produced a career best eighth place finish.