Roberto Bonomi

30/9/1919 - 10/1/1992

Record updated 30-Sep-06

Formula One driver who raced for the Cooper team. Before Formula 1 he was the Argentine Sports Car Champion in 1952 and 1953. Raced a Cooper-Maserati in the 1960 Argentine GP.

Roberto Bonomi
A wealthy land-owner and local politican, Roberto Bonomi won the Argentine Sports Car Championship in 1952 and 1953, racing Ferraris. He was part of the Argentine team that came to race in Europe.

The following year he won the Argentine 500-mile race driving a Ferrari 250MM Vignale. He also won races at Primavera, Costa Nera Lealtad and Mendoza. Due to his local success he was often drafted into one of the works teams for the annual Buenos Aires 1000 Km sports car race, finishing fifth in 1957 sharing the driving of a Maserati 350S V12 with Piotti.

In 1958 he aquired a Maserati 300S which he raced in sports car and Formula Libre events between 1958 and 1961.

His only Grand Prix appearance came in 1960 when he hired a Scuderia Centro Sud Cooper-Maserati for the Argentine GP. He raced the Cooper again in the Formule Libre Cordoba GP before it was handed over to his team-mate, Menditeguy.