Piero Carini

6/3/1921 - 30/5/1957

Record updated 06-Mar-07

Drove a Scuderia Marzotto Ferrari 166 in the French and German Grands Prix in 1952. Went on to race sports cars winning the Mille Miglia, the Tour of Sicily and the Targa Florio. He was killed in ahead on crash in a sports car race near St Etienne.

Piero Carini
Carini came to prominence in 1950 by finishing third in the F2 Modena Grand Prix with a OSCA sports car. The car was quick but unreliable in 1951, however Scuderia Marzotto invited him to join their driver line up for 1952.

In their sports car team he was reliable and consistent performer. He also drove their 2-liter Ferrari 166 in the 1952 French and German Grands Prix, retiring on both occasions.

He did well enough to be signed by Ferrari in 1953 as part of their junior team, along with Umberto Maglioli. Carini was used sparingly and switched to Alfa Romeo to race their touring cars, taking class wins in the 1954 Mille Miglia, Tour of Sicily and Dolomite Cup.

In 1955 he ventured abroad to score sports car wins in a Ferrari at Dakar and Caracas, Venezuela, as well as taking a class win in the Targa Florio in an OSCA with Cabianca.

He was competing in a 1500 cc sports car race near St Etienne in 1957 when his Ferrari Testa Rossa inexplicably crossed the central barrier and ploughed head on into a similar car driven by the Portuguese amateur, António de Borges Barreto. Both drivers died instantly.