Jorge Daponte

5/6/1923 - 1/3/1963

Record updated 13-Aug-06

JorgeDaponte was an Argentinan Formula One driver from. He raced in 2 Grand Prix in the 1954. He died suddenly at only 39 years old.

Jorge Daponte
Formula One driver from Argentina. He raced Marserati's in Argentina in the early 1950's and participated in 2 Grand Prix. Debuting on January 17, 1954, he drove a Maserati A6GCM/250F which was a 1953 works car converted by the factory for use by Daponte for the 1954 season. In the 1954 Argentine Grand prix where he retired with lubrication problems and the Italian Grands Prix at Moza where he was classified eleventh.

He competed in a couple of non championship events in 1954 finishing 4th in the Circuito di Pescara and 5th in the GP de Rouen-les Essarts.

He died suddenly at only 39 years old.