Adolfo Schwelm-Cruz


Record updated 28-Jun-06

Winner of the Argentine Sports Car Championship in 1951, he also competed in Europe in Grand Prix and the Targa Florio.

Adolfo Schwelm-Cruz
Adolfo Schwelm-Cruz, though his real name was simply Adolfo Schwelm, started racing in 1949 with firstly a Jaguar XK120, then with an Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Villa d`Este and an 8C 2.300 Monza. He competed in sports car and road races at home, but made trips to Europe along with a large contingent of his fellow countrymen for a limited programme of miscellaneous events from 1949 through to 1951. He won the national sports car championship in 1951 and also scored his best result on foreign soil, taking sixth in the Gran Premio di Roma at Caracalla driving a Maserati A6G. He competed in the Taga Florio in 1950 finishing 8th in his Alfa Romeo 6C driving with Colonna.

At the beginning of 1953 he made his only Grand Prix appearance in the Argentina Grand Prix driving in one of the works Cooper-Bristols, which broke a stub axle and then shed a wheel. He fared no better in the Buenos Aires City Libre GP when the same car suffered a broken camshaft.

Subsequently Schwelm-Cruz returned to competition in his ancient Alfa, and was later seen in a Maserati sports.