Johnny Aitken

3/5/1885 - 15/10/1918

Record updated 03-May-20

Johnny Aitken
Fine racing driver who was a victim of the strain of influenza that killed so many in 1918, whilst serving his country in World War 1.

Aitken actually won more races at Indy that any other driver. They were not however 500 mile victories. He won 12 events during the races in 1909 and 1910 driving for the National racing team. Then on September 9, 1916, the Speedway hosted a day of short racing events termed the "Harvest Classic," composed of three races held at 20, 50 and 100 mile distances. Johnny Aitken, in a Peugeot, triumphed in all three.

Johnny's only 500 appearances were 1911 and 1916. He was fluent in French and helped Jules Goux to success before World War 1. His widow, Bessie, went on to live until the age of 102.