Barry Sidery-Smith


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Barry is Well-known to historic racers as the man behind the British Sportscar races at Chimay and Spa, Barry doesn't seek the spotlight - but he loves to race.

He owned the WSM MGB from 1975 to 1977 and used his Le Mans engine in events such as the 1976 Brighton Speed Trials. Barry contributed to the WSM re-union video in 2001 and is still involved in all things MGB and racing via the MG Team with the Le Mans MGB and a 'Coune' MGB Berlinetta.

He raced again at the 2004 Le Mans Classic in the B after a big accident at the same venue two years previously when he was involved in a serious accident at Arnage which left him in a French hospital with a broken Sternum. In addition, Barry's ex-Works MGB le Mans car was seriously damaged and in need of a lot of rebuilding.