Antonio Brivio

27/12/1905 - 30/1/1995

Record updated 27-Dec-22

Antonio Brivio
Antonio Brivio, Marquis Sforza was born in the family of the Milan rulers of the XVth and early XVIth centuries. Started racing in 1927 with an 1,199cc supercharged Derby in 1927.

Raced Talbot-Darracq 1928.

Joined Scuderia Materassi. Alfa Romeo sportscar driver 1932-33.

In 1934 he joined Bugatti, and drove a Type 59 to 2nd place while setting fastest lap in the Belgian GP. The German teams boycotted the race when the Belgian Customs Authorities attempted to levy a 180,000 franc duty on their special racing fuel. He would gain his greatest success in sports cars winning the Targa Floria in 1933 and 1935 in addition to the Mille Miglia in 1936.

Took part as a bobsled racer in the 1936 Winter Olympics.

A consistent driver, he turned down an offer from Auto Union in 1936 to stay with Ferrari, with whom his main successes were scored in Alfa Romeo sportscars. A Spa 24hrs race, two Targa Florios, a Mille Miglia and two minor international Grands Prix are his main victories.

Retired from racing after his marriage in 1937. His decision to quit met with Ferrari's sarcasm. Brivio was, after the war, chairman of the Sporting Commission of the Italian Autoclub and, with Lurani, Filippini and Aymo Maggi, gave a big help to the re-birth of Italian racing and to regain a world-wide prominence. Some source say that Brivio, as a member of FIA since 1948, had made the initial proposal for a WDC early in 1949. If this fact could be proved, it would make Brivio one of the more important personalities in the history of motor racing. It is certain, however, that Brivio was the FIA representative at WDC races for many years