Jack Hinkle

2/2/1912 - 31/1/2003

Record updated

Jack Hinkle Jack B. Hinkle was a Car Owner and Driver who didn't believe in racing for trophies only. Though he was a successful oilman, he is better known as a former Indy car owner and SCCA driver. It was in 1956 that Jack Hinkle decided that sports car racing was alright after all and has Indy car builder Frank Curtis build a sports car for his Offy engine. Elton Rowley and his son John are building a MG special and Hinkle bet Rowley his car would not be ready for the Dodge City race, Hinkle lost and had to pay out $99.50. Jack Hinkle drove Class A sports cars in SCCA events until retiring from that in 1983 at the age of 71. in 1963 he was awarded the SCCA's top award, the Wolf Barnatto award. Jack McGrath drove Hinkle's Offy at Indy 1951-1955 starting on the front row on each of those occasions. McGrath qualified the car 3rd in 1951 and led 11 laps enroute to a 3rd place finish. He again qualified 3rd in 1952 and led 6 laps before finishing 11th. He qualified 3rd in 1953 and finished 5th. In 1954, McGrath qualified on the pole and led 47 laps before finishing in 3rd place. He qulaified 3rd in 1955 and led 6 of the 54 laps he completed before magneto failure regulated him to a 26th place finish.