Tony Gaze


Record updated 27-Sep-07

Tony Gaze
Frederick Anthony Owen Gaze was an ex-RAF pilot, successful in his native Australia in the immediate post-war years with a 1936 Alta before coming to Britain to try his hand.

He initially raced one of Geoffrey Taylor's Altas, before buying one of John Heath's HWMs to race in Grands Prix during 1952. He was soon to turn his attention to sports car racing, an arena where he had more chance of success, racing his Maserati, HWM-Jaguar and Ferrari over the next few seasons both at home and abroad. Gaze was something of a pioneering figure with his regular racing trips 'down-under' between 1954 and 1956, and was a prime mover in the development of Australian motor sport, helping to bring European-style circuit racing to that continent, thus encouraging greater international competition in the years that followed.