Cecil Green

30/9/1919 - 29/7/1951

Record updated 30-Sep-06

Cecil Green raced midgets and sprint cars. In his rookie year at Indy he finished 4th. He was killed in qualifying at the Winchester Speedway in Indiana in 1951.

Cecil Green
Cecil Green, from Dallas, Texas, was considered by some to be one of the greatest midget drivers ever. From 1948 through 1950 Green won 34 midget features in Missouri and Oklahoma and more in Texas

He won the 1949 Oklahoma City and Southwest AAA titles. Cecil scored his wins driving seven different cars including the Elza Bynum Offy, Walker Brothers Number 18, Jack Zink Offy, Peaches Campbell Offy, the Giancerrelli Brothers Offy and his own Catfish Offy Number54.

He also won a AAA main event at St. Louis Walsh Stadium in 1950 which was his rookie year at Indy. Green placed 4th in the 1950 Indianapolis 500 and 22nd in 1951.

His career ended when he lost control of his car during qualifying at the Winchester Speedway in Indiana in 1951. His car went over an embankment and Cecil died on his way to the hospital. Three drivers were killed in separate incidents on that day, 29 July 1951 and it has come to be known as "Black Sunday". Green was 31 years old at the time.