Charles Crichton-Stuart

10/3/1939 - 2/7/2001

Charles Crichton-Stuart
Charles was part of the motor racing set in London in the early 1960s that included Piers Courage, Innes Ireland and Frank Williams. He won the Temporada F3 Championship in 1966 and was later was responsible for sponsorship at Williams. He retired for motor sport and went searching for sunken treasure in the Pacific. He suffered a fatal heart attack while in the Philippines. Charles Crichton-Stuart died 21 years ago, he was 62 , He would have been 83.

Charlie Stu was witty, charming and generous to a fault. He was part of the motor racing set in London in the early 1960s that included Piers Courage, Innes Ireland, Frank Williams, Charles Lucas, Bubbles Horsley and Jonathan Williams. His door was always open to drivers during lean times

He was also a pretty good driver racing in F3 initially for Anglo Scottish Racing with a Lotus 22 Ford in 1963 and a Cooper T67 BMC in 1964.

In 1965 he joined Stirling Moss Auto Racing Team driving a Brabham Ford BT10. Once again racing in British and European F3 races, he also took a win in East Germany of all places, at the Sachsenringrennen, also taking pole and setting the fastest lap. He took three wins during the year.

On another of Charlie's overseas expeditions in 1966, he won the Temporada F3 Championship, still with Stirling Moss Automobile Racing Team, driving a Brabham BT18. He also won the Sesqua Centennial Trophy at Mar del Plata. Jonathan Williams recounts how he spent the flight home clutching the huge trophy while fending off the advances of the air hostesses, a profession he held in high esteem!

After he retired from racing, he joined Sir Frank’s Grand Prix team and was responsible for arranging the Saudia sponsorship. And, it was through Charles that his cousin, John Colum Crichton-Stuart, 7th Marquess of Bute, otherwise better know as the ex-F1 driver Johnny Dumfries, got a job working at Williams as a van driver.

He was also part of the Haas-Lola Beatrice set up in the 1980s.

In later years went searching for sunken treasure in the Pacific and was while in the Philippines he suffered a fatal heart attack.



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