Carlo Facetti


Carlo Facetti
Carlo Facetti was a driver who built his own Formula Junior. In 1954 he tried to qualify for the Italian Grand Prix with a Brabham BT42. He is still involved in the developemnt and tuning of racing cars.

Carlo Facetti was born in Cormano, Milan, and first raced in 1953 with Elio Zagato in a Fiat 1100 8V, before building his own Junior Formula powered by a Lancia Appia engine putting in good times against drivers like Scarfiotti, Bandini and Baghetti.

He drove in all types of car but especially in Sport Prototypes, Touring cars and GT's, and he was the main test driver for Alfa Romeo. He also had a distinguished career in Formula 3, finishing second in the Italian Championship in 1965 and in Formula 2. He drove Brabham, Tecno, De Sanstis, Branca, Lola and Dagrada single seaters.

Tried to qualify for the 1974 Italian GP in a Scuderia Finotto Brabham BT42.


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