Michael John Coombe


Michael John Coombe

Michael Coombe started club racing in 1962 with an Elva Courier. He raced an ex workks Le Mans Sunbeam Alpine in 1963. In 1964 he purchased an ex-works sunbeam Tiger Rally car (AHP 295B) which was converted to Modified Sports Racing with a Ford 289 Cobra race engine. Raced this in club and national events 1964-67. In 1968/69 he raced a lightweight Lotus Elva in National and International events. He also raced in the first year of Formula 5000 in 1969 with a Cooper T66 Ford. In 1970 Michael raced a Porsche 906 Carerra (ex Bill Bradey) in International 500 and 1000km events. In 1971 raced a Lola T70 Mk3B in 1000km races and Interserie Championship. In 1972/3 he built his own March 3ltr DFV prototype for 1000km races and Interserie. Michael Coombe retired from racing in 1973.



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