Eddie Johnson

10/2/1910 - 30/6/1974

Record updated 28-Jun-06

Great midget racer with a long career at Indy. Died in a plane crash in 1974.

Eddie Johnson
Great midget racer with a long career at Indy.

1952 Indy 500 in the Central Excavating/Salemi Trevis-Offenhauser. Qualified 24th finished 16th. 7 Laps down on winner, Troy Ruttman.

1953 City of Detroit Travelon Trailer/Ernest Ruiz DNQ

1954 Number 83 McNamara DNQ was 1st alternate.

1955 McNamara/Kalamazoo Sports Trevis-Offenhauser. Qualified 32nd, finished 13th. 4 laps down on winner, Bob Sweikert

1956 Central Excavating Kuzma-Offenhauser finished 15th. 5 laps down on winner, Pat Flaherty

1957 he retired the Chapman Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser due to a wheel bearing failure.

1958 In 1958 he finished on the lead lap in the Bryant Heating/Donaldson Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser, taking 9th overall.

1959 Bryant Heating/Donaldson 8th

In mid-October, USAC sanctioned another Formula Libre event, this time at Watkins Glen. Although it was a crushing victory for Stirling Moss - five laps ahead of second place - what was significant was that the second place car was driven by Eddie Johnson at the wheel of his Jerry Zello midget. The midget was clear of all the sports cars and, except for Moss, the fastest car on the circuit - and this despite rain, sleet and snow that fell during the race.

1960 he took the Jim Robbins Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser to 6th after qualifying in 7th spot.

1961 Crashed the Jim Robbins Kuzma-Offenhauser.

1962 DNF with the Polyaire Foam/Peter Torosian Trevis-Offenhauser.

Died in a plane crash in 1974.