Raymond Hassler

29/6/1935 - 17/2/1972

Record updated 28-Jun-06

An independant NASCAR driver he was killed in one of the qualifying races for the Daytona 500 in 1972.

Raymond Hassler
Friday Hassler was an independent (non-factory) driver in NASCAR, campaigning a Chevelle when Chevrolet was basically a non-entity. But, he had some great moments, especially the year before his death, winning two poles, one a short track, the other at the peanut shaped Trenton Speedway, and his high point, when he drove many laps at the caution free Volunteer 500 in relief of Charlie Glotzbach. They scored Chevrolet's first NASCAR win in years. It was the fastest race ever run at Bristol. Friday Hassler was killed in a thirteen car pile up caused by Dave Boggs flat tire on a restart during one of the 125 mile qualifying races for the Daytona 500. Friday Hassler was very well liked by his fellow drivers.