Donald Truman


Record updated 21-Feb-07

500cc Formula 3 racer who went on to play a significant role in the BRDC and BRSCC.

Donald Truman
Don Truman started racing in 1947 when he joined the 500 Club. Don bought a Marwyn with Barbara Longmore, whom he would later marry, and her brother Jack, though Don did most of the driving.

The Marwyn was, in his oppinion, prbably the worst and most dangerous racing car ever built, going on to add that Lord Strathcarron and himself were the only drivers with enough nerve or ignorance to dive them.

He recalls being unhappy with the Marwyn's handling, among other criticisms. His brother-in-law overturned it in a test ahead of the Prescott 1948 May meeting, causing considerable damage, and the Marwyn factory apparantly sent Truman two new JAP engines as compensation. Truman replaced the big, motor-cycle type wire-spoked wheels with smaller diameter Fiat wheels using hydraulic brakes, improving both the handling and ability to come to a halt.

Though it would appear several times in 1948, a process of redevelopment had commenced. By 1949 the dramatically altered car, renamed the Bardon Special, appeared. Don and Barbara seemed to be at almost every event that year, offering a decent challenge to the Coopers (though often without ultimate success. His enthusiasm led the Club to award him the "Good Loser Trophy" that year.

For 1950, with assistance from Jack Turner from Wolverhampton, the Bardon reappeared as the Bardon-Turner, now sporting a more Cooper-like body.

He gave up with the machine in 1952 and bought a Cooper Mk VI. He won his very first race in it at Ibsley.

Don usually finished in the top four with the Cooper and also drove for the Doretti for the works team. He also  had a spell in France racing Bertie Bradnack's Cooper Jaguar.

In September 1959 Don retired from racing.

On retirement he joined the ranks of the marshals, and has been doing so ever since.

Don was elected into the BRDC in 1952, and played a significant role on the board. He was also a board member of the BRSCC. Trackside, he variously acted as Chief Observer for the BRSCC at Brands Hatch, Club Steward at Silverstone and until 1999 Senior Clerk for the BRSCC at Mallory Park, only retiring when the MSA refused to renew his licence.

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