Enrique Benamo


Record updated 03-Apr-06

Enrique Benamo
Enrique Benamo was born in Bahia Blanca on July 27, 1957. He started racing in Argentina's "Mecánica F4" series in 1975 and he got his first win in 1977 at Buenos Aires Circuit. He took part in 22 races in that category, with three wins and six podium places.

He then moved up to "Mecánica F2" series, being vice champion the next year.

He went to Europe to participate of British F3 for two years. His best results there were two third places at Snetterton (UK F3) and at Kassel-Calden (European F3).. After a one-year experience at European F3, the lack of budget prevented him from continuing driving in Europe. He returned to Argentina in 1984 to race in South American F2 Series.

He debuted in brand-new South American F3 Series in 1987 and got a win (San Jorge).

He retired from racing in 1988.


  • 51 races in domestic car racing 7 wins, 17 podiums.
  • 24 races in Europe, 2 podium finishes.

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