Victor Tandy

9/3/1920 - 28/4/1968

Record updated 28-Apr-17

Amateur Amercan racing driver. Raced a TR4 in production sports car racing. He won the Pacific Coast F Production Championship in 1966. He was killed in a crash at Riverside.

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Vic Tandy was fromĀ  Anaheim, California. He started racing in the early 1950s with a Triumph TR2 on the old Pebble Beach circuit in northern California.

He then retired but came back and in 1963 with a Porsche 356 and entered a number of races but no results are know.

In 1965 he acquired a Triumph TR3 and used it to good effect, winning the Pacific Coast championship for F production cars.

He only raced occasionally in 1966 and 1967.

He was killed at Riverside International Raceway when his Triumph TR3 hit oil in one of the turns and went out of control. As the car began to fishtail Tandy battled to bring it under control, but the driver's door opened and he partially fell out, receiving fatal injuries. Tandy died at the scene.