Ken Fowler

15/3/1907 - 16/1/1981

Record updated 14-Mar-07

Ken Fowler drove sporadically over four seasons, 1935, 1937, 1947 and 1948. He raced at Indy Three times, twice in his own right and once as relief to C. Miller.

Ken Fowler
Ken Fowler was born in Fargo, North Dakota. He drove sporadically in AAA races over four seasons, 1935 and 1937. Then in 1947 and 1948. He shared Packard in the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup with Russ Snowberger finishing 8th. At Indy he drove a Wetteroth but was disqualiffied for receiving outside assistance. He then drove relief for Ronney Householder from lap 168 'till 194, finishing 12th.

He occasionally drove for eccentric Los Angeles businessman Tommy Lee. Tommy’s father, Don Lee, had owned Don Lee Cadillac, an exclusive Cadillac dealership in Los Angeles, along with various radio stations and a television station. A thriving business offshoot was the Don Lee Coach and Body Works, which specialised in building custom automobiles for Hollywood movie stars. Tommy inherited his father's business when he died but he left the running of it to others in order to pursue his deeper interest of racing cars and women.

Ken drove his Alfa Romeo at Indy in 1947 but went out on lap 121 with a broken axle. He was classified 15th. He returned with the Alfa the next year but failed to qualify and ended up driving relief for C. Miller for laps 30 to 50.