John Bosch


Record updated 01-Apr-20

From a wealthy family, his father owned hotels and golf courses, John was able to indulge his passion for racing. Performed well in European F3 but a couple of crashessaw him switch to rallying. Returning to circuit racing, in 2003 driving with Jan Lammers in the Racing for Holland Dome S101 they won the FIA Sportscar world title and finishing 6th at Le Mans and winning the Monza 500 km race. 

John Bosch
John Bosch drove internationally in karts winning the Dutch championship as well as the Hong Kong Grand Prix, before moving to England in 1982 where he won the Wilkes Formula Ford Championship in the Barron entered Van Diemen.

He performed strongly in the European F3 championship in 1982 but his season ended prematurely after a serious crash at Diepholz.

John returned to Formula 3 in 1984 only for the car to fail and crash again, sending him back into the hospital once more. His injuries prevented his return to single seaters so John went rallying and became a success in the Ducth and European championship with the Group B Audi Quattro.

He quickly established a reputation as one of the best drivers in Europe and even won a worldcup round in Indonesia. By 1988, John had moved to a Prodrive built BMW M3 with which he would became one of the main players on the European scene

In the late nineties, John returned to the racing tracks, winning the European Ferrari 360 Challenge in 2002. In 2003 he joined Jan Lammers in the Racing for Holland Dome S101 resulting in winning the FIA Sportscar world title and finishing 6th in the Le Mans 24 Hours and winning the Monza 500 kilometer race. With the Barron Connor Ferrari 575 John scored podium finishes at Sebring and Monza in 2004 and claimed 2nd in the Le Mans Endurance Series. Apart from sportscar racing, John continued to compete in a variety of classic Ferrari's up to as modern as the recent Michael Schumacher cars.

His father, Jan, died in January 2006, the 315 million euro fortune that Jan had built and that had allowed John to do what he did, became tied up in a legal struggle with John's step mother. As of 2018 the matter remained unresolved.