Karl Oppitzhauser


Record updated 03-Oct-06

ainly know for saloon car and sports car racing, Karl made one atempt at Formula One in 1976. Along with Otto Stuppacher they attempted to enter the Austrian Grand Prix but were refused an entry.

Karl Oppitzhauser
Started out in 1963 driving in Formula V. He continued driving these VW powered race cars until 1967. He also raced a Lotus Europa in 1966.

From 1968 to 1970 he raced a Ferrari Dino. In 1971 he could be found competing in a Lambourgini Muira. From 1972 to 1975 he raced in the Alfasud Cup

Then in 1976 he attempted to enter the 1976 Formula One Austrian Grand Prix with the local ÖASC Racing Team. However due to their lack of experience at that level, both Oppitzhauser and his team-mate Otto Stuppacher were refused entry to the event. Unlike Stuppacher, Oppitzhauser did not make any further attempts at F1. He did a couple of non championship raraces. including the Shellsport race at Brands in 1976

In 1976 and 1977 he also raced a Group 5 Schnitzer 3 liter and a 3.5 liter CSI BWM

1978 he competed in the DTM with a BMW 320.

1979 - 1983 Otto hung up his motor racing helmet and entered trotting races!

1982 Interserie Zeltweg BMW 320 Turbo.

In 1984 he went back to racing touring cars. Including a bizzare attempt to set a world record with a skier attached to the bonnet of his BMW (248.619 Kph)!

Stayed in touring cars until 1992

1993 - 1994 Touring Cars and Historics

1995 - 1999 Ferrari 355 Challenge

2000 Ferrai 360 Moderna. Wining the European Group 2 Ferrari Challenge in 2001

2002 Group 1 Ferrari Challenge