Jimmy Ray Quick Sr
9/2/1940 - 22/7/1965


Jimmy Quick died on 22 July 1965 in the Baylor University Hospital after being injured at the Devil's Bowl Speedway on 16 July 1965. Accident investigator R. R. Walters said that two cars were side-by-side on the third curve of the speedway when Billy Casper, 32, of Bridgeport, veered out of control and pitched up over Quick's car, crushing him inside. One of the cars hit a spectators' stand and rolled over into a mesh fence.

The circuit, located on John West Road and Buckner Boulevard in Dallas, TX, closed the in 1966 and was replaced by another track with the same name near the Dallas suburb of Mesquite. This "new" Devil's Bowl Speedway is still active today.

A documentary film has been made about the circuit featuring Jimmy Quick Jr.  Called Dirt, it introduces us to characters richer than any screenwriter could conjure: perfectly monikered Travis Pace, former champion who misses a season because he blows his house up whilst welding; Gayla Jones, first-time female competitor, much berated by her macho fellow drivers, caught in a curious love triangle between her injured husband and his hilariously lyrical mechanic, Jimmy Quick Jr., whose own father was killed at the track; Bubba Meeks, redneck extraordinaire, mistaken for a burglar and shot by his girlfriend’s brother; Trandel White, who names his company White Star after the Titanic’s parent company and whose race car cost $458. With people like these in the mix, Bowden must have known he was guaranteed some priceless footage, and the good people of Texas do not disappoint.
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