Carl Scarborough

3/7/1914 - 30/5/1953

Record updated 03-Jul-06

Drove at Indy twice, sadly succumbing to heat exhaustion and dying there in 1953 in the race often reffered to as the 'Hottest 500'.

Carl Scarborough
Born in Benton, Illinois, Carl ran its first Indianapolis 500 in 1951 driving a Kurtis Kraft powered by an Offenhauser engine. He qualified 15th, but during the race, he made his way through the field to an amazing third place behind Duke Nalon and Chet Miller. However around half distance a wheel bearing failed and he was forced to retire.

In 1952 he didn't enter but returned in 1953 driving the same Kurtis. He qualified in 19th. Now Indianapolis is usually fairly cool for the race with an average high in the mid-70s and lows in the mid to low 50s but on May 30, 1953 the trackside temperatures were around the 100° Fahrenheit (37.77°C) and track temperatures exceeding 130°F.

On lap 69 he spun to avoid hitting Tony Bettenhausen and as he was feeling unwell he made his way back to the pits to be replaced by relief driver Bob Scott. Scott went on and finished the race in 11th, scoring points on behalf of Scarborough.

Meanwhile Carl was in a critical state and was taken to the infield hospital suffering from  heat exhaustion. A few hours later, Carl Scarborough he died. He was 38 years old.