Jules Ellingboe

8/3/1892 - 23/4/1948

Record updated 23-Apr-20

Orgionally part of the International Motor Contest Association. He was the National Dirt Track Champion Of Canada in 1918. He entered the Indy 500 on seven occasions.

Jules Ellingboe

Jules Ellingboe was born in Crookston, Minnesota. In 1917 he was part of the IMCA, International Motor Contest Association. An organisation that put on races, more as a show that an actual competition. IMCA travelled around the USA and Canada organising events at State Fairs. He started out racing a Briscoe. At the Kansas State Fairgrounds on September 21, 1918 he won two races and finished second in another two, loosing out to Wild Bill Endicott by no more than the width of a radiator in one and another close finish in the other.

In 1918 he was the National Dirt Track Champion Of Canada.

Competed at Indianapolis on seven occasions:

  • 1920 DNQ in an Ellingboe
  • 1921 DNF in a Frontenac, Steering failure.After he went out he drove relief for Percy Ford, taking the car for 10 to 3rd at the finish. History only recods that Percy finished 3rd and Ellingboe DNF.
  • 1922 Driving a Duesenberg Straight 8 he crashed in Turn 4 on Lap 25. He was clasified 26th.
  • 1924 11th in a Miller
  • 1925 Classified 22nd  Miller
  • 1926 Classified 22nd  Miller,  Supercharger Problems.
  • 1927 DNF Driving a Miller. Accident