Don Horvath

27/4/1935 - 14/2/1965

Record updated 24-Apr-06

Don Horvath
Don Horvath was born in California and was a successful midget driver in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

He started racing at Ascot Park, Gardena. He was quite serious about his racing and Allen Heath took advantage of this to wind him up. Once after being awarded the Most Improved Driver trophy, Heath presented him with his own award. Horvath was pleased because he felt that finaly he was getting the recognition he deserved. However when he opened the award it turned out to be a giant 'crying towel'.

Horvath’s best years were in 1963 and 1964, when he finished the season in twelfth and eleventh place respectively. In 1963 Horvath won races in Gardena on 24 August and 31 August; the following year he won in San Bernardino on 12 June, Gardena on 27 June and 11 July and twice in Fresno, on 26 July and 15 August.

He took the Indy 500 rookie test in 1964 in the Dean Van Lines roadster but he did not attempt to qualify for the race.

Horvath was killed in a USAC midget race in Vallejo, California, on 14 February 1965. His car ran wide and clipped a post marking the track exit. The car flipped backwards and Horvath broke his neck.