Carlos Walter Loeffel

28/4/1926 - 24/2/2000

Record updated 28-Apr-20

Started racing in 1940 but the war intervened. He took up racing again but lost a leg in 1961 in a racing accident. He returned to compete in the Turismo Carretera series finally retiring in 1972.

Carlos Walter Loeffel
He was born in General Roca, Córdoba, Argentina, the son of German immigrants.

Loeffel began his career in 1940 driving a Model T Ford. His racing was interrupted by WWII. After the war he bought a car from Alfredo Pián and returned to racing. Known as 'the German' or 'Uncle Fritz' he lost his left leg in a racing accident on July 21, 1961. However he refused to retired and continued racing, making his debut in the popular Turismo Carretera series in 1965, taking the win in a Chevrolet prepared by Aldo and Rinaldo Bellavigna.

His condition was the origin of much controversy, sometimes needing special permissions to race. However there have been a number of successful drivers with one leg, Bill Schindler and David Piper to name just two.

For the last few years that he raced, he drove a Dodge along side Juan Manuel Bordeu. Then on the 17th of December 1972, after racing in Zapala, he decided to finally retire.

He was killed in 2000 when the light truck he was driving overturned on the road near Leones in Argentina.

With thanks to Marcelo Alvarez