Luiz Garcia Jr


Record updated 04-May-06

Luiz Garcia Jr
At 14, Garcia finished second in the Brazilian national kart championship. For the next three years Garcia won the national championship.

After finishing second in his final year in karts in 1989, he moved up to single seaters.

He finished second in the Brazilian Formula Ford 1600 championship and won the championship the following year.

In 1992 he raced in Europe, finishing 10th in the Formula Vauxhall championship. In 1993 he was runner-up to Dario Franchitti.

His first U.S. race was in the Indy Lights series. It was a respectable first year for Garcia as he placed 13th in the series standings and was part of the Brazilian team that won the Indy Lights Nation's Cup. Garcia's best result was a fourth at Savannah, Ga.

A year later, Garcia won at Cleveland in Indy Lights to cement his glowing reputation. CART was inevitable and in 1999 Garcia made the step up.

Now back in Brasil driving V8 saloons.

  • 3 Brazilian National Championships, 1986, 1987 and 1988.  Runner-up in 1985 and 1989
  • 1990 Formula Ford 1600 in Brazil, finished 8th in Championship
  • 1991 Formula Ford 1600 in Brazil, National Champion
  • 1992 Formula Vauxhall in Great Britain, finished 10th in Championship
  • 1993 Formula Vauxhall in Great Britain, runner-up in Championship to Dario Franchitti,
  • 1994 Formula 3, finished 9th in Championship
  • 1995 Formula 3, partial season
  • 1996 Formula 3000, runner-up in Championship to Gareth Rees, Brazilian Supercar Series, Ferarri F40
  • 1997 Indy Lights, finished 13th in Championship, finished 7th in Rookie of the Year standings, 13th overall in Championship and was on the Brazilian team that won the
  • 1997 Indy Lights Nation's Cup
  • 1998 Indy Lights, Stefan Johansson Motorsports