LaVern Nance

12/5/1923 - 17/7/2003

LaVern Nance

In 1957, Nance went to the racetrack with friends. Right away, he was hooked. He began building and racing cars. He liked meeting new people and learning new things. Soon, friends and drivers asked him to build them cars.

For more than 40 years, he owned Nance Speed Equipment; it was closed in 1992 because of Mr. Nance's failing health. Nance was the car owner for Sammy Swindell in the early 1980's and they teamed up to win the 1981 World of Outlaws championship, and the Western World at Manzanita Speedway.

Years ahead of his time, Nance used lightweight and cost-effective materials to build sprint cars. At Nance Speed Equipment, he manufactured and sold race cars to dealers and drivers in the United States and overseas.


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