John Bolster

24/5/1910 - 13/1/1984

John Bolster
John Bolster, most famous for his "Bloody Mary" special, was a racing driver, commentator and motoring writer. He quit driving after a bad crash in the 1949 British Grand Prix. John Bolster died 38 years ago, he was 74

John Vary Bolster is most famous for his "Bloody Mary" special. The twin engined JAP powered sprint and hillclimb car started life in 1929 when he built it with help from his brother, Richard.

During the 1930s and 1940s John also raced at Donington, Brooklands until so called Shelsely Special were banned in 1938. and other British tracks.

Bolster continued to use Bloody Mary in sprints and hillclimbs after the war and in it's final guise had four JAP engines. Running on methanol based fuel, Bolster once said that "she seems to enjoy her alcohol as much as her owner does his".

However his motor racing career was curtailed when he was badly injured in a crash at Stowe during the British Grand Prix in 1949 driving Peter Bell's ERA.

He turned to broadcasting and writing and served as the Technical Editor for Autosport for many years.



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