Norberto José Polinori

25/5/1931 - 19/11/1967

Record updated 10-May-07

Charisma and unselfishness, Polinori raced in Turismo Carretera. He was run over and killed while inspecting his car after a collision with another competitor.

Norberto José Polinori
Because of his charisma and unselfishness, which earned him the nickname "El Caballero de la Ruta" (The Road Knight), Polinori was one of the most popular Turismo Carretera drivers of the 1960s. After beginning his racing career in karts and motorcycles, Polinori debuted in Turismo Carretera in the 1963 driving a Chevrolet, and quickly earning respect for his speed and driving style.

On 19 November 1967 Polinori was taking part in the Tercera Vuelta de Rufino when his Chevrolet stopped across the road after being hit be Andrés Melino's vehicle. When Polinori left his car to inspect the damages he was run over by Juan Carlos Perkins (brother to Gastón). The race was won by Héctor Gradassi at the wheel of a IKA Torino.