Hans Heinrich Steinemann

14/6/1939 - 10/6/2003

Record updated 10-Jun-20

Rico Steinemann was a Porsche sports car driver and race team manager for the factory taking over from Huschke von Hanstein in 1969.

Hans Heinrich Steinemann
Steinemann was born in Zurich, in 1969 he succeeded Huschke von Hanstein as Porsche race manager and, up to the end of 1971, he was also head of the press department in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

In his time as race manager he saw the first overall victories at Le Mans being chalked up. Steinemann had worked as a journalist back in the sixties, in Zurich, where he founded the special-interest magazine "Powerslide", which brought him into contact with motor racing at an early stage.

Steinemann once said that after a brief excursion into the advertising branch, he returned full of remorse in 1974 to the world of the motor car. A passionate driver, who also competed in races for Porsche, he was editor-in-chief between 1974 and 1979 of the Porsche customer magazine "Christophorus". Following this, he worked as a commentator for Swiss television's coverage of the Grand-Prix races, was active in associations and contributed to the design of the Geneva Motor Show. On the sporting side, the race driver also became a passionate mountaineer and yachtsman.