Peter Avern


Peter Avern
Managed the Monkey Stable.

Peter Avern was born in Middlesex and was educated at Bradford college. From 1944-1948 he served in the R.A.F. His hobby at this time was motor racing. In 1951 he met Jim Mayers and his first active part was when Mayers asked him to run his pit in the 1951 T.T. The results will show that this was a failure, due to engine troubles. At the end of 1951 Jim, Pat Griffith and Gerry Ruddock formed the Monkey Stable and Asked Avern to become manager as a spare time job. This season was fairly successful. In September, 1952, he left his job in the textile trade and after a short spell with Kieft Cars at Farnborough, took on the job of managing the Monkey Stable of Mayers' Kieft - M.Gs full time. 

In 1953 The Monkey Stable was very professionally organised and tackled a full season of International races with some success. The full team of three cars was entered in the Production Sports Car race at Silverstone and, although they were beaten in the 1500 cc class by Cliff Davis’s Cooper-MG, they finished second and third in the class, in the order Mayers, Griffith; but Keen was right at the tail of the field after mechanical problems.

At the end of 1953 The Monkey Stable temporarily pulled out of racing and most of the Kieft’s changed hands.


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