Per Eklund


Record updated 20-Jun-06

Per Eklund
Per Eklund, born in 1947 in Arvika, Sweden is a Rally and Rallycross driver. His nick-name was 'Pekka'. In rallying, he never made it to the very top but he has achieved that success in his rallycross career.

Saab works drive: Eklund was a Saab works driver from 1970 to 1979. In 1982, however, the year after Saab discontinued its official rallying involvement, He achieved the brand's last top position in a World Championship event, finishing fourth in the Swedish Rally driving a privately-entered, Clarion-sponsored Saab 99 Turbo. He was always proud of that result, since the competition consisted mostly of four-wheel-drive cars, and the event was run in snow. This signified the end of the rally era at Saab, even though Eklund went on to drive an officially-entered Saab 900 Turbo in the British round of the 1997 World Rally Championship.

RAC Rally: He was a popular entrant in the RAC Rally but his best result was 3rd, in 1984, in a Toyota Celica Turbo. he was 7th in 1971, with a Saab 96 V4, helping to net the manufacturer's team prize for Saab. In 1977, he was 9th in a Saab 99 EMS. He also drove for British Leyland, taking 13th in the 1979 RAC Rally. By 1985, he had taken a drive with Audi, taking 4th place in the RAC Rally. In 1987, he was 2nd but disqualified on a technicality. He also finished a record 12th overall, when privately entering a Lancia Delta.

Swedish Rally: He often competed this rally and won the event outright in 1976. He was Swedish Champion in 1978, beating his team mate Stig Blomqvist.

Rallycross: Per started driving in Rallycross, from its birth, in 1967. he first drove a Saab 96, then a Saab 99 in its various sporting evolutions. He was always prominent but his greatest successes have been in more modern times. He is one of the fastest drivers of the European Rallycross Championship.