Derrick Edwards

8/7/1916 - 0/0/2000

Record updated 10-Jul-06

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Derrick Edwards was an Associate Member of the BRDC. He starting racing in 1950 and won numerous titles at club and international meetings.

An undisputed expert on Aston Martins, he helped Nick Mason of Pink Floyd fame to aquire three Ulsters for his collection. He then went into business with him and Judy Hogg in 1976. Known as Morntane Engineering it quickly established an International reputation for high quality restorations of exclusively vintage Bertelli Aston Martins.

Both Nick and Derrick raced their Aston Martin Ulsters with great success, raising the profile of Bertelli Astons on circuits all over Europe. Race and rally preparation became an important part of the business.

Andy Bell started at Morntane in 1977 and eventually bought the business as Ecurie Bertelli in 1992.

Ecurie Bertelli continues to be exclusively connected with vintage Aston Martins, providing high quality spare parts, race and rally preparation, restoration and sales of this important British marque.

He raced a 1924 Aston Martin 16v Twin Cam origonally built as a factory team car for Humphrey Cook to run in the 1925 JCC 200 mile race at Brooklands. Derrick rebuilt it in 1957-8, and raced it in AMOC events.

He also won the German Club Championship in 1987 and 1988. During his driving career he competed in well over 2500 races, sprints and hillclimbs.

He was married to Pamela Bowden the fine mezzo-soprano who died in 2003.