Ernesto Maserati

4/8/1898 - 24/11/1975

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Winner of the Italian drivers championship in 1927 and again in 1930 driving a Tipo 8C-2500, Ernesto was one of the founders of Maserati of Modena in 1914.

Ernesto Maserati
Ernesto Maserati was born in Bologna and was an Italian autmotive engineer and racer, with Maserati of Modena since its inception in Bologna, December 14, 1914, together with his brothers Alfieri Maserati, Ettore Maserati, Bindo Maserati and others.

Alfieri and Ernesto had been racing Bianchi and Isotta-Fraschini cars, and in the 1920s they became involved with Diatto, eventually building a straight-eight two-litre competition car for Diatto, in their own Bologna factory.

Diatto then ran out of money to finance its racing programme, and the brothers took over the two-litre design, which they modified to become the original Type 26 Maserati, named after the year in which it appeared.

Ernesto led the workship during World War One, as his brothers joined the military. His racing carrer started in 1924 and in 1927 he won the Italian drivers championship and again in 1930 using the Tipo 8C-2500.

After his brother Alfieri Maserati died in 1932, Ernesto became the director, chief engineer as well as sole racing car driver of the company. The company was sold to Omer Orsi in 1939, but Ernesto remained and participated in the design of the Maserati A6 after World War Two.

His son is Alfieri Maserati.