Benjamin Franklin Musick

15/9/1907 - 0/3/1966

Record updated 17-Jun-09

Ben Musick of Dallas, Texas was an IMCA competitor, CSRA racer and gypsy outlaw sprint car driver in the 1930's.

Benjamin Franklin Musick
Benjamin Franklin Musick from Dallas, started racing in Texas big cars. He adopted the pseudonym Wild Bill Morris or William Bill Morris in the late 1930s as he was wanted by Federal Agents for the theft of a truck containing moonshine that had been impounded. He was eventually apprehended, convicted, and served time in prison for the offence.

He continued to race with a band of Dallas area drivers throughout the Midwest with his best results coming after WWII driving the Ralph Morgan 318 Offy to good results in both IMCA and CRSA.

He had six brothers who all raced apart from Cecil. Ben died from a heart attack.