Cory Kruseman


Cory Kruseman

Cory is a native of Ventura, California, where he still resides with his high school sweetheart, now wife Carri. After graduation from Buena High School in 1989, Cory moved from Go Karts and Stock cars to USAC Three Quarter Midgets. In less than 6 years he earned such titles as Non winged World Champion, Chili Bowl Champion, Western States Dirt Track Champion, ESPN Points Series Winner, TQ Midget Fall Nationals Champion, and set numerous records, some of which still stand.

In 1994 Cory traveled to Paris, France to compete in "Le Midget Grand Prix". He soon built a strong following while winning 6 of the 9 events. Cory also got his first opportunity in a Sprint Car that year in the talent laden Southern California based SCRA. Cory responded once more with 2 feature wins, 3 fast times, and he was voted most popular driver by the fans. Quite an accomplished for a rookie!

1995 marked Cory's first full season in a sprint car and he responded with his first clean sweep at Santa Maria: fast qualifier, trophy dash and main event winner. The year also brought misfortune when Cory suffered a severely injured right arm in a crash at Sacramento. As a result of 5 long months of rehabilitation he would not return to action until 1996. For the second year in a row, he was the recipient of the SCRA most popular driver award. In spite of being out of action rehabilitating, Cory finished sixth in points. And, he was racing Midgets in his spare time.

1996 was a very busy year. Cory had completed his rehabilitation on his arm and got back in his Sprint Car. He had 5 Sprint Car SCRA wins and another clean sweep, this time at Bakersfield, California. This year also marked his first venture in a Silver Crown car. He had 3 races with his best finish being a fourth place at the tough Terre Haute, Indiana track.

1997 brought Cory 7 SCRA Feature wins and 3 Passing Masters Wins. He finished 4th in SCRA points and ran 5 Silver Crown races at the same time.

1998 added 5 more SCRA Featured Wins and 5 Passing Masters to his resume. One of those feature wins was the famed Jack Kindoll Classic. He finished 3rd in SCRA points.

1999 Cory had 7 Sprint Car Main Events, 4 Trophy Dash Wins and a USAC Midget Win. He finished second in the Chili Bowl Nationals at Tulsa OK. He became the first Non winged Sprint Car World Champion.

2000 Cory succeeded in winning the Chili Bowl Midget National Championship, 6 SCRA Feature Wins and finished 2nd in points in the Non Winged World Championship Competition. In January, Cory started the Cory Kruseman Sprint Car Driving School at Ventura Raceway.

2001 The year began with a 3 week visit to Australia driving their Midgets Winning the preliminary night and finishing second in the Australian Grand Prix. He won 15 SCRA feature wins this season. He was the SCRA Drivers Champion.

2002 4 SCRA Wins, 4 USAC Wins, 2002 USAC Indiana Sprint Week Champion and participated in his 1st IRL race at Texas Motor Speedway and his first NASCAR Craftsman Truck race at PIR.

2003 3 Australian Championships, 3 VRA Wins, 5 SCRA/NWWC Wins, 1 Badger Midget Win and 4 other Sprint Car Wins.

2004: Chili Bowl Midget Win, 4 USAC/CRA Wins, 1 SCRA Win, 5 USAC National Wins

2005: (as of 10/9/2005) Chili Bowl Preliminary night win, 8 USAC/CRA Wins, 1 SCRA Win, 3 VRA Wins, 1 USAC Midget Win & 3 USAC National Wins (Indiana Sprint Week), 2005 Indiana Sprint Week Champion (2nd time)

Cory Kruseman


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