Don Edmunds

23/9/1930 - 11/8/2020

Don Edmunds
Don Edmunds was a race car driver and builder. He was Rookie of the Year in his one appearance at the Indy 500. Build around 600 race cars through his Don Edmunds Autoresearch concern. Now hand builds some of the finest model cars around. Don Edmunds died 2 years ago, he was 90 , He would have been 92.

Don Edmunds was born in Santa Ana, California and was a racing driver and manufacturer.

He started out racing on the dirt tracks of California.

He raced at Indianapolis just once but in the process earned “Rookie of the Year” honours against drivers such as Eddie Sachs, Bill Cheesbourg, Elmer George and Mike Magill.

Edmunds built up a reputation for his body work after replacing the Kurtis nose on his first midget with one of his own design.

He worked for Eddie Kuzma and later for Bill Thomas. While employed by Bill, Don was responsible for the design and construction of the infamous Cheetah sports car.

When Don left Thomas employment he started his own business, Don Edmunds Autoresearch. Between 1963 to 1981 Don Edmunds Autoresearch produced around 600 race cars. He specializing in midgets and sprint cars and his chassis won several National Championships in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Don also became a collector and restorer of old race cars, and today hand builds some of the finest model cars around.

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