Hidetoshi Mitsusada


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Japanese F3000 driver who was a test driver for the Benetton Playlife F1 team in 2000. Since then he returned to racing in the Japanese GT Championship.

Hidetoshi Mitsusada
Hidetoshi Mitsusada from Osaka, Japan was a Formula 3000 driver. Mitsusada started racing karts in 1981. he graduated to single seaters in 1990 in the Japanese FJ 1600 series.

In 1991 he moved up to Japanese F3 and also raced in the Formula Toyota West-Japan Series.

He stayed in F3, finishing 4th in the championship in 1993. He then tried his hand at F3000 in 1994. He raced in F3000 in Japan as well as the Japan GT Championship and entered le Mans in 1996.

He competed in his first international F3000 race at Spa in 1998 for Nordic Racing and contested three European rounds that year.

In 1999 he finished third in the Formula Nippon (Japanese F3000) championship, taking two race wins and one pole position.

He drove again in F3000 in 2000, for World Racing Team, failing to qualify for the first three races of the season.

That year Benetton Playlife signed Hidetoshi Mitsusada as test driver. Since then he has returned to the Japanese GT Championship.