Percy Maclure

13/11/1907 - 15/12/1944

Record updated 22-Jan-07

A naturally talented driver, Percy often beat much faster cars. He died in 1944 of Tuberculosis.

Percy Maclure
Born in Skipton, Yorkshire, Pery's father raced Rileys and he worked with his bother Edgar at Riley. Thus it will come as no suprise that Percy himself raced Rileys. He won his first major race in 1938, a heat of the JCC International Trophy at Brooklands.

Renouned for his car control, he was often timed against faster cars through the corners, which consistently showed him to be quicker than any other British driver. He also usually drove bareheaded.

Though in his early 30s he was being tipped as destined for the top in motor sport. A short, tough wiry character, he did most of his own preparation work. A naturally gifted driver, he sadly never got to realise his potential due to the onset of WWII.

Percy Maclure died in 1944 of Tuberculosis in a Sanatorium in Hatton, Warwickshire.