Don Sesslar

21/5/1927 - 19/5/2019

Record updated 03-Jan-23

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Don Sesslar of Columbus, Ohio, started with sports cars in 1957 driving a Porsche Spyder finishing 12th that year in SCCA National Championship Points. In 1958 driving a Porsche 550RS, he finished 2nd in National Points. In 1959 driving a Porsche RSK, Don won his first National Championship and was awarded the prestegious SCCA President's Cup. That same year, he placed 4th overall in the 12 hours of Sebring, first in class and second on the index of performance.

Late in 1960 Don started racing a Series I Alpine. In 1961 he placed third in National points in the Alpine improving to second in 1962 driving a Series II Alpine. In 1963 he tied for the National Championship in points and in 1964 he won the Championship outright in the Series II.

1965 found Don and his team developing the ex-Shelby built Tiger and then a Tiger of their own design. In the process the B Production record at Mid-Ohio was set by Don in the Tiger, and he placed in the runner up position that year at the SCCA National Championships.

Don looks back with fond memories to his years with the Sunbeam Marque. He went on to serve as the SCCA Classification Committee Chairman following a well-known, Sunbeam name: Lew Spencer. Don served two years on the SCCA Competition Board. Don's participation in the Sebring race and Nassau Speed Weeks covered nine years driving Porsches and the Sunbeam Tiger.