Valdir Del Grego

19/6/1948 - 14/6/1987

Record updated 26-Jul-07

Valdir Del Grego specialised in racing at Interlagos. He was killed in an accident there in appalling weather conditions.

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Born in Santo André, Brazil, Valdir Del Grego was an engineer in the Product Development Department of Volkswagen, Brazil.

He specialised in racing at Interlagos and in 1986 started racing in the Campeonato Paulista de Hot Cars with a Volkswagen Voyage. The series was for highly modified touring cars with raced held exclusively at Interlagos.

In June 1987 in appalling weather conditions, a race was held against the better judgement of some of the drivers. Early in the race Valdir's Voyage aquaplaned between turn 2 and 3 and hit the Armco at around 200Kph. The car bounced back into the center of the track where it was hit by another competitor and rammed intot he guard rail on the inside of the track. Spinning back across the track he was hit again by more cars, unable to slow down or avoid him. His car was destroyed and Del Grego died at the scene.