David Boshier-Jones


David Boshier-Jones
David Boshier-Jones began racing in the early 1950s hill climbing a Kieft at Lydstep. He competed in Formula 3 and in hillclimbs, achieving success in both disciplines but particularly on the hills.

He drove a Kieft 1100 in the 1954 Tourist Trophy at Dundrod with fellow F3 stalwart, Don Parker. They retired with suspension failure.

In 1956 he switched to a Mk X Cooper-JAP.

By 1957 F3 500 was in decline and at the end of the season he sent the Cooper back to the works to be fitted with a 1100cc JAP V-twin. With this car he returned to hill climbing, winning the RAC Championship in 1958, 1959 and 1960.

David's two brothers, Peter and Anthony, also competed in motorsport.


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